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passionate writer, endless dreamer and 
This is me. Among other things.

Lobke in a nutshell

a 12-year-old girl
full of dreams

12-year-old Lobke knew that she’d move out after high school and that someday, she would live in the City of Angels for a longer period of time. That same 12-year-old dreamt of a life as an entrepreneur. Maybe not very consciously at the time, but looking back at the little Lobke now, I realize how she was probably destined to follow that path. To search for freedom. Which, now that I’m reading what I wrote down above… a lot of my dreams have in common.


After graduating, I started chasing this freedom once again. I didn’t find it straight away. The search is still going, to be honest. I’m sure I’m getting there, one way or the other. And I find freedom in the thought that I believe that I have the capability to create this freedom. Even though there's times where I don't believe in myself at all. Does that make sense? I’m not sure. But I don’t mind sometimes not making sense ;)

creating a safe space

Besides freedom, I search for ways to make the world more loving and open minded. I hope to contribute to this with my personal Instagram, YouTube channel, the products that I sell, and my writings. Preferably with a large dose of honesty and humor. 


For me, creating a safe space on the world wide web where everyone feels welcome and seen is THE most important thing. Period. The world can be quite scary, and I’d like to show you how it can be the opposite too. Simply by being me, sharing the highs and lows, and making you feel less alone (because *spoiler*: you never are).

My blog. My precious little baby. Already. I’ve had some blogs in the past and am overly excited to start again. To have a place where I can write exactly what I feel like writing. A place to let my mind run free and let creativity flow. Want to enter my mind? Here you go straight to the blog part of this website.
I sell all kinds of feel-good products. Cards, prints, letters and a Friends Book, to be more exact. All made with a lot of enthusiasm and love. Click here if you want to read more about my products and here to visit the webshop.
insta & YouTube
I’ve been sharing lots of snippets of my life, thoughts, and feelings on my Instagram page @lobkekiller for quite some time now, and recently decided to start posting on YouTube too. I hope to create a place on the internet that feels safe and warm. Want to read more about it? Click here.

what I do


let's get in contact!

Do you have a question, proposal, or comment? Feel free to send an email to, or a dm to @lobkekiller on Instagram. 

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