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nice to 
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this is me.
in short.
about following your unique path.

Hi! Happy to have you here. Really, thank you :). I am Lobke, a creative enthusiast with a busy mind. Curious, sensitive, and sincere. I believe that it’s okay to sometimes take life seriously, but that a dose of humor and craziness should be a (big!) part of it too. Which is why I love combining the two. Both in life and in my writings.


When I’m not writing or creating in any form, you’ll probably find me in a book, on vacation, with beautiful people, dancing (in the living room or at festivals; as long as I can move), daydreaming or starting yet another new hobby.


Somewhere in between being grateful and wanting more, impulsiveness and overthinking, confidence and self-doubt: that’s where I live. That’s who I am. Sometimes a very clear opinion, often not, because I can understand all sides of a story. I believe in making mistakes, and don’t believe, for that same reason, in the ‘cancel culture’. And I believe -firmly- in talking about the universe and all-things-love with a glass of wine in the hand. I also believe there’s much more to a person than often meets the eye and that it is seldom smart to have prejudices. And further… I believe in adventure. In doing things that feel uncomfortable or a bit scary, but that make you feel ALIVE.

I dream big and often find that scary. But I do it anyway. With both butterflies in my stomach and sweat on my palms. I dream about anything and everything, but mostly about making someone’s life and hopefully the world a bit more beautiful. The thought that I could help at least one person in this short life I have, that I could make the world just a tiny bit more open minded, sets my heart on fire. I want to spend this time on earth trying to inspire, encourage and entertain. And most of all, I want to create a space both offline and online where everyone in the whole freaking world feels SAFE and GOOD and SEEN.


I hope that if you have dreams, you dare to follow. No matter if you dream about becoming a circus artist, about seeing every inch of this world, about having a bunch of dogs or about buying a house in the village you grew up in. Every person is different and thus has different dreams. Nothing is right or wrong here. You don't have to have typical 'big' dreams you often hear people talking about. You also don't have to reduce the size of your dreams just because your surroundings have opinions. 


All that matters, is that your dreams feel good to you. You're unique, and so is your path.  


There's different things I do to follow my dreams. Want to read more about that? Here you go to the 'what I do' page.

I stand for inclusivity, honesty, love, humour and vulnerability
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