Lover &
this is me.
in short.
about daring to dream big and loud

Hi! Happy to have you here. Really, thank you :). I am Lobke, a creative enthusiast with a busy mind. Curious, sensitive, and sincere. I believe that it’s okay to sometimes take life seriously, but that a dose of humor and craziness should be a (big!) part of it too. Which is why I love combining the two. Both in life and in my writings.


When I’m not writing or creating content for Instagram, you’ll probably find me in a book, on vacation, with beautiful people, dancing (in the living room or at festivals; as long as I can move), working on self-development or starting yet another new hobby.


Somewhere in between being grateful and wanting more, impulsiveness and overthinking, confidence and self-doubt: that’s where I live. That’s who I am. Sometimes a very clear opinion, often not, because I can understand all sides of a story. I believe in making mistakes, and don’t believe, for that same reason, in the ‘cancel culture’. And I believe -firmly- in talking about the universe and all-things-love with a glass of wine in the hand. I also believe there’s much more to a person than often meets the eye and that it is seldom smart to have prejudices. And further… I believe in adventure. In doing things that feel uncomfortable or a bit scary, but that make you feel ALIVE.

I dream big and often find that scary. But I do it anyway. With both butterflies in my stomach and sweat on my palms. I dream about anything and everything, but mostly about making someone’s life and hopefully the world a bit more beautiful. The thought that I could help at least one person in this short life I have, that I could make the world just a tiny bit more open minded, sets my heart on fire. I want to spend this time on earth trying to inspire, encourage and entertain. And most of all, I want to create a space both offline and online where everyone in the whole freaking world feels SAFE and GOOD and SEEN.


I hope that if you have dreams, you dare to follow. I hope you dare to go right through that fear, letting all the (unnecessary, judgmental) opinions of others enter one ear and immediately leave out the other one. I know that’s hard. But my guess is that it’s worth it <3

I do different things to follow my dreams. Want to read more about that? Here you go to the 'what I do' page.

I stand for inclusivity, honesty, love, humour and vulnerability