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'The idea is to write it so that people hear it, and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.' 

- Maya Angelou

Maya explains perfectly what writing, in my opinion, is all about. It’s not about the spelling mistake you made, nor about the comma you forgot. It’s about touching that most precious asset of yours: your heart. Words can make you feel seen and less alone. They can motivate a whole nation and create more understanding for one another. And if that isn’t magic… I don’t know what is.


With my blog, I hope to make you feel something. To make you feel understood, hopeful, or less alone. I wish to put a smile on your face. To make you think about something. And I hope to give some inspiration, some useful tips or motivating words. Writing means the world to me, and I’d love to show you a part of my world through my blog.

This will bring you straight to my writings.


I sell colorful cards and prints that you can send out to others, or that you can keep for yourself as a piece of art. And I sell letters (in Dutch). A set of nine letters to be exact. To open at certain moments in your life. One for when you’re sad, one for when you’re feeling insecure about the future and one for when you’re stuck in a rut, for example. 


My latest creation, my newest product, is a friends book. It has been the most special project to work on yet. The friends book is a book full of questions that can be filled in by all the people that are important to you. I hope this book puts a smile on your face every time you open it.


Know that whenever you buy something of mine, I’m making a little happy dance. Either one in my head or an actual happy dance. It means the world to me that you’re buying something so personal and that you are supporting a small business this way. I think I speak for all small business owners out there that we appreciate it tremendously.

Click here to visit my webshop.

instagram & YouTube

I’ve been creating for Instagram for over a year now, and I’m still enjoying it very much. I love sharing all about life and its beauty and tragedy. Which I always try to do in the most honest and open way possible. I hope to spread love on Instagram and make you feel at home. ‘You do you’, one of my favorite quotes, is a good summary of the message I want to convey. The message that you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever feels good to you.


No one’s path is the same, so comparing yourself with others is truly useless. It happens (to me too) of course, but I think it’s important to give yourself that friendly reminder whenever you’re heading into comparison-road. And to keep in mind that if you’re making other decisions than the people around you, this does not mean your decisions are wrong. Probably, it simply means that you’re different than anyone else on this planet.


Then a little bit about YouTube. That’s completely new territory for me. I love that the stories I share on YouTube won’t disappear after 24 hours. And I am excited to really play and have fun with it, making content that you enjoy watching. If you ever have any tips, feel free to tell me! I’m open and eager to learn.


Here you’ll find my Instagram and here I'll bring you straight to my YouTube channel.

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