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For online magazine NSMBL I wrote daily articles, created Instagram content and visited events where I represented NSMBL. NSMBL talks about all things life-related. To surprise, give joy and move.
Writing for nsmbl
poems for  free.daydreaming
On my Instagram account @free.daydreaming I transfer my emotions and thoughts into words. I hope people find recognition in my poems and that I can make them feel something – or simply turn a smile on someones face.
You find examples of NSMBL articles here, here, here & here.
Semester (abroad) at Csulb
I did my minor abroad at CSULB (Long Beach, California). It was the best experience of my life, where I did not only learn a lot from the courses I followed, but also from all the people I met from all over the world. The courses I took were Intercultural Communication, Professional Event Planning, Media Effects, Sociology of Gender and Multimedia Storytelling.
storyteller at i45
i45 is an amazing new platform that focuses on improving the mental health of young professionals. I create stories for them and help them in all kinds of ways; by writing blogposts, coming up with ideas for Instagram posts, thinking along about the identity and how to convey that identity, and more.
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