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The best way to relive moments

While moments pass, memories can last forever. I’m sure there’s a road trip, party, or heartfelt conversation that you still think about from time to time. And I’m sure that there are memories from years and years ago that still, up to this day, bring a smile to your lovely face.

For me, there’s two things that work best when I want to go back to a certain moment. To relive it in the best possible way. One of them is looking at pictures that were taken from or at the time of the memory. There’s something about pictures that just gets me teary-eyed. Often when seeing a picture, you recall a story behind it, the feeling you had when it was taken, or you simply get a glimpse of a beautiful moment caught on camera. It’s magical, really.

So, if you can: take pictures. I understand not everyone wants to get their phone or camera out all the time, but even a few quickly snapped, blurry pics will do.

The other way for me to go back to a moment, is to listen to certain songs. It still amazes me how just one second of the ‘right’ song has the ability to trigger certain feelings. There’s a whole playlist on Spotify that takes me right back to the time I lived in Long Beach and some songs that make me feel like I’m reliving the summer of 2014 all over again. Songs are memories.

Something I try to do whenever I can, is purposely finding a song or even a couple of songs for certain moments. I for example like listening to a specific artist on repeat while I’m on vacation and putting on certain melodramatic songs when I want to feel better. This way, when a moment has passed… you’re always able to experience it again.



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