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Things to tell yourself whenever you’re having a shitty day

Feeling ‘bleh’? Down, lonely, unmotivated, stressed? Are those tears waiting to come out? Have they already fallen? I had a ‘bleh’ day today. Nothing crazily bad happened, but it was just, well… bleh. I wrote down some things to tell yourself whenever you’re having one of those days too. Pick one or more that you think would be helpful for you/your situation <3.

1. ‘I’m going to take extra good care of myself today’.

2. ‘I’m allowing myself to feel bad and not dismiss it as unimportant’.

3. ‘There will be a time in the future where I won’t even be able to recall the feeling I have right now, because I will feel so happy’.

4. ‘Take a second to breath. Just focus on your breathing. Nothing else is important’.

5. ‘Nothing that I feel is ever wrong’.

6. ‘If I feel like spending the whole day in bed (and it’s possible to do so), I will spend the whole day in bed. I deserve it and I shouldn’t feel lazy because of it’.

7. ‘I’m going to try to make something of the day anyway. There’s still some time left to make it a good one’.

8. ‘I’m going for a good walk. That often makes me feel better’.

I hope there’s (at least) one that resonates with you. Try to really believe that one and repeat it a couple of times for the best effect.



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