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Things you can see only when you slow down

Today I won’t be writing a full blogpost – instead, I will share some beautiful, inspiring words with you from the book ‘Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down’ by Haemin Sunim. There are a lot of wise words in the book. Even more warm words. Heamin gives hope and comfort, and this is a small collection of all the wonderfulness he’s shared:

“Do not try to control those around you. When you cannot control even your own mind, what makes you think you can control others?”

“When you are disappointed, don’t wait too long to say so. When you bottle up your feelings, the river of emotion swells, making it difficult to cross over and speak calmly.”

“It is hard to find one’s calling because many mistakenly believe they need to look only within to discover their passion. Although it is true that we have innate interests and talents, we often do not know what they are until we have real-life experiences. Having a wide range of experiences can help you uncover your inner passion.”

“Write down on a sheet of paper that names of the places you want to travel to before you die, the people you hope to meet, the concerts you know you will enjoy, the sports games you are dying to see, the restaurants you have to try. Then experience everything on the list, item by item. Nobody needs to know about the list. Allow yourself a little secret of your own. It will feel good to do something just for yourself.”

“The biggest obstacle to learning is pretending to know even when you don’t. It is better to admit you don’t know something; if you pretend, you have to act as if you knew all along. It is easier to learn when you set aside your pride and are honest.”

“A family takes a walk amid fallen autumn leaves. Dad lifts up his five year-old son, and the boy showers him with kisses. Mom watches with a smile on her face. If we take time to look around, we see ourselves surrounded by lovely moments.”



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